CLIP Intermodal Container Terminal

Company info:

CLIP Logistics is a production-warehouse facilities and logistic operator with the total area of 300,000 sqm near Poznań (in Swarzędz), which comprise of four modern A-class warehouses, a private railway siding and an Intermodal Container Terminal, all situated right by the E20 Berlin-Warsaw and E30, that is, by the 2nd Trans - European West-East Corridor connecting Rotterdam with Moscow and near the A2 Berlin-Warsaw motorway.

80 ha of CLIP's investment land is included into the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone. Currently, the area of the terminal is 6,500 sqm and its capacity - 800 TEU. In 2015 the construction of a new CLIP terminal covering an area of 8 hectares and the capacity of 4500 TEU will be completed.
The particular advantage of the terminal is its location at crossroads of international rail and road transport corridors. The terminal is equipped with three modern KALMAR reach stackers with 45 tonnes lifting capacity cranes and with semi-trailer reloading facilities, as well as truck tractors and semi-trailers for transporting containers. CLIPs own shunting engines ensure independent, effective and flexible operation of the terminal.

The Intermodal Container Terminal has railway connection with Rotterdam run in cooperation with ERS Railways (running nine times a week). Each train is 600 m long and weighs 1,600 tonnes. It consists of 20 wagons, including pocket-wagons for the transport of standard and mega trailers. The service offers transports of sea and continental boxes, reefers and high cube containers. Another advantage of the connection is the short transit time, which is only 22 hr. Containers and trailers are dispatched immediately after the arrival of the train.

CLIP Terminal provides its services to the shuttle connection on the Rotterdam-Swarzędz-Rotterdam route for which our railway partner ERS Railways was granted the title of the European Freight Operator of the Year by the European RailCongress in 2013. Other directions will be put into operation soon. In 2014 CLIP and ERS received an award for the ”Shuttle service between CLIP Terminal and the port in Rotterdam” in the competition ”Innovative Product: Logistics, Transport, Production 2014”.

CLIP features also the possibility of cross-docking. This year we also plan to open a regular railway connection from Gdańsk and Gdynia to the CLIP Container Terminal. CLIP offers comprehensive service of train sets. The services meet highest quality standards and the needs of the most demanding customers. With CLIP railway transports can be efficient, modern and provide a good alternative to other kind of transports, also in financial terms.