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FELB Rivergate Handelskai 92 1200, Vienna Austria

+43 (1) 890 63 39 0

+43 (1) 890 63 39 63

Company info:

Far East Land Bridge Ltd., established in 2007, is a railing operator with long-standing experience in the business for over 10 years. The company specializes in transportation of 40ft DV, 40ft HC and 20ft containers from the Far East (China, South Korea and Japan) to Russia/Europe and vice versa using the Trans-Siberian railway connection. The transit times for this connection vary between 14 and 22 days providing a quick and safe way to transport goods over long distances.

What makes FELB stand out from the competition?

• Transport of containers on a 11,000 km route on the Trans- Siberian Railway in extreme weather conditions (-30 degrees) in record transit time – 14 - 21 days.
• Environmental-friendly transport – aligned with the objective to decrease carbon dioxide emissions – future way of transporting goods.
• Exponential growth of projects, transportation volumes and revenue.
• Part of the strategy to strengthen the economic ties between Europe and Asia.
• Multiple office locations in Europe, Russia and China to offer unequaled service to it’s clients.

The unique possibility to serve a distance of 11,000 km distinguishes FELB as a high-achiever among its competitors. The high frequency of shipments demonstrates the high existing and potential achievements of the company. FELB sees it as a priority to provide a rich variety of choice for the customers. Services such as the speed train with a transit time of only 14 days and LCL service for small shipments less than 1 cubic meter are specifically tailored to suit the individual need of each and every customer.

The decision to choose rail transport is a decision to take the environment into consideration. Rail transport provides for a considerable reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The route operated by FELB is an electrified railway, powered by hydroelectric sources. Compared to sea and air transport, rail transport wins on several positions: cheaper and more environment-friendly than air; faster and more stable services provision than sea.