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Hyster Europe Centennial House, Building 4.5, Frimley Business Park GU16 7SG, Frimley United Kingdom

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STRONG PARTNERS.TOUGH TRUCKS.™ Lift trucks for demanding operations, everywhere

Bold. This one word sums up the Hyster® brand. When a materials handling application demands dependability...when nothing but the grittiest makes the grade...the answer is Hyster - among the toughest lift trucks on earth.
Hyster® products combine innovative design, industrial-strength components, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing.

Hyster is a leading provider of forklift trucks and one of the best known names in the industry.

Hyster offers a comprehensive range of material handling equipment, from the largest container handlers and reach stackers, to nearly every type and size of industrial forklift truck, to special warehousing equipment.

Expert consultancy and responsive local service are provided through a worldwide network of fork lift truck distribution partners. Together, a complete package of products and solutions helps improve efficiency, drive down costs and stream-line materials flow.

* The Hyster History tracks major events over a period of nearly 90 years in the development of a brand which has a presence today in over 130 countries.
* The Hyster name is underpinned by the global strength of Hyster-Yale Group and the backing of its parent company Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.
* Hyster designs, engineers and manufactures products and provides support around the world through consistent Global Operations.