Company info:

Port of Oxelösund – The All Inclusive Port

We are located just where future freight growth will take place, in East Central Sweden. Our infrastructure is in place. Top-class fairway, railway and motorway take goods to and from the port. Trade volumes will be increasing. Fully laden vessels, trucks and wagons are cheaper and environment-friendlier than distributing freight across several ports and vehicles.

This is why we aim to move towards more cohesive logistical solutions, in which we can assume responsibility for more links in the transport chain – or even all of it.

We’re with you all the way

Our customers must be confident that we can assume total responsibility. We must have the storage areas, warehouses and services, as well as knowledge and service-mindedness. We must be able to meet all their challenges. We must have everything they need. This promise is the key to the way we work. We summarise this in the motto: “The All Inclusive Port”. For us, this means that whatever needs the customer has, we can satisfy them at the Port of Oxelösund. We want to be known as “the port that has everything and does everything”. This also shapes the way we work internally. We have an inclusive approach, in which everyone has the opportunity to influence and develop our business. All employees are equally important here. We want everyone to join us on our journey and contribute to our progress – All Inclusive!

Few ports in the Baltic can receive big vessels. We can. The short approach means safe navigation, time saved and lower costs. The Port of Oxelösund is by the open sea, free of ice all year round. This makes us an environmentally safe choice for flows of goods to and from Central Sweden or in transit on the Baltic sea.

Equipment at the Port of Oxelösund:

• Eight cranes up to 45 tonnes
• Two mobile cranes for flexible freight handling in smaller vessels
• Two slewing cranes, 45-tonne for handling bulk, general freight and containers
• One bulk crane 48 tonnes
• Ship loader for dry bulk
• Two marine loading arms for handling oil
• Equipment for unloading cement
• Complete ro-ro terminal
• Forklift and container trucks, terminal tractors and wheel loaders with capacities of up to 42 tonnes
• A conveyor system for the efficient handling of dry bulk to/from vessels
• Shore tanks for liquid bulk

List of terminals:

1) liquid bulk: berth no. - 11, length - 105 m, depth - 13,5 m
2) dry bulk: berth no. - 9,5-10, length - 388 m, depth - 16,5 m
3) dry bulk: berth no. - 3-8, length - 589 m, depth - 8,0-9,7 m
4) steel port: berth no. - x, length - 300 m, depth - 9,0 m