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Port of Szczecin-Świnoujście Bytomska 7 70603, Szczecin Poland

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In 2013, the joint port of Szczecin-Świnoujście handled 6.62 mln tn in ro-ro traffic (+2.7% year-on-year), which accounted for over one-third of the ports’ total throughput.

The ferry terminal (the largest in Poland) is located in the Port of Świnoujście, which offers five stations for handling ro-pax vessels. There are two general purpose berths for railway ferries, railcar ferries, pax ferries, and ro-ro vessels (up to five vessels can be handled per day at each berth), two berths for passenger/car ferries, and one berth for ro-ro vessels, convertible to handle lo-lo ships. Świnoujście is linked by three shipping companies (Polferries, TT-Line and Unity Line) via four links to the south of Sweden to ports of Trelleborg and Ystad. Currently, the terminal offers five ferries departures to Ystad as well as three to Trelleborg every day. The terminal in Świnoujście facilitates also intermodal transports as well as offers sufficient storage and warehouse capacities. In 2014 the currently existing ferry terminal will be extended by building a new pier. The construction works foresees a new 242 m quay, a movable steel bridge, reinforcing the fairway’s bottom, a ro-ro ramp, territorial development, technical infrastructure and a passenger gangway. Ships of up to 220 m will be able to call at the new quay. The overall investment totals EUR 36.4 mln.