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Tideworks 1131 SW Klickitat Way Washington, USA 98134, Seattle United States

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Harvey Bauer, Director of Marketing & Contracts

+1 206 654 3636

Company info:

Tideworks Technology® is a full-service provider of comprehensive terminal management and planning software solutions for growing marine and intermodal terminal operations worldwide.

The company helps more than 120 facilities run their operations more efficiently and profitably. Tideworks’ innovative tools include: Intermodal Pro®, an intermodal rail terminal operating system and graphical planning system helping you maximize throughput and increase terminal utilization; Traffic Control®, a work order and equipment dispatch system providing dynamic control over container handling equipment and electronic dispatch of work instructions; Terminal View®, which displays a 3D representation of your operations to give you visibility into handling equipment location, current inventory, move status and much more; and Tideworks Insight™, a real-time and historical data platform which allows users to view performance from all operational areas across the Tideworks TOS products and systems beyond the TOS in a single dashboard. Tideworks works at every step of terminal operations to maximize productivity and customer service levels. Its solutions are implemented at a wide variety of global cargo facilities, including intermodal terminals of US Class 1 railroads and Freightliner in the UK.

Tideworks intermodal suite of solutions key benefits include:

• Decreased terminal operating costs
• Enhanced customer service capability
• Reduced data entry and paperwork
• Enhanced data integrity and accuracy of inventory
• Comprehensive system support
• Maximized operational adaptability
• Improved overall operational efficiency