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Port of Trelleborg is the largest RoRo port in Scandinavia. It handles a significant share of the Swedish foreign export/import volumes. Today 12 RoPax ferries operate regularly in the four transport corridors between Trelleborg and the Continent.

The geographic location of Trelleborg as Sweden’s most southern port, only 85 km from the German border, creates excellent conditions for time tables with high frequencies.

The extensive supply of ferry connections via the Port of Trelleborg (15 arrivals and 15 departures per day) create an efficient link to our four partner ports: Travemünde, Rostock, Sassnitz and Świnoujście.

The Port is fully integrated into the customers supply chains and meets shippers’ and hauliers’ requirements by minimising terminal- and lead times.

The ferry lines serving the Port of Trelleborg meet the demands for high safety, reliability, high environmental standards as well as long term engagements. The ferry operators are independent – the existing competition is the customers’ guarantee for efficient and high quality service.

In Port of Trelleborg we combine road-, rail-, intermodal and ferry transports. This versatility means that the Port is ideally placed to meet the industry’s demand for high frequency, reliability and safety of freight transport.

The Port of Trelleborg is a logistic node in the customers supply chains and function as a very efficient transfer terminal for road-, rail- as well as for intermodal transports via the ferry connections. Our Logistic Centre with 17,000 m2 for Cross-docking, Warehousing and 3rd Party Logistic, located in the Port, offers additional logistic services.

Port of Trelleborg is Sweden's largest ferry port and one of the largest in Europe, a fact that led the EU to select Trelleborg as a so-called Core Port. Port of Trelleborg is constantly working to develop the port and has parallel to infrastructure investments worked to apply for grants from the transport unit (TEN-T) in the EU since 2005. The port has thus received partial funding on their investments which is important because the port pays all investments with own and/or borrowed funds.

Port of Trelleborgs has a stated aim to be the most environmental friendly port in the Baltic Sea. The aim to achieve this is through major EU-projects for several million, technological development of purification equipment and noise measures along with vehicle suppliers or simple activities such as sorting of waste.