Company info:

TT-Line is a German-owned shipping company specializing in ro-pax ferry services. The operator currently owns 6 vessels, all of them traditionally named after various famous protagonists of adventure novels. From its headquarters in Travemünde (previously Lübeck) the shipping line coordinates 3 ferry loops connecting the ports of Travemünde and Rostock in Germany with Trelleborg and Helsingborg in Sweden.

TT-Line started up in 1962 with only a single vessel on the Travemünde-Trelleborg route. With steadily growing demand over the years, new ships were added to the service while the outdated units were successfully replaced with modern ones. The current generation of vessels uses numerous environmentally-friendly solutions, such as diesel-electric engines, low sulphur fuel, waste segregation and heat recovery systems. Since 1992, the carrier, initially under the name TR-Line, has been operating a connection between Rostock and Trelleborg. The decision to expand was made to accommodate the increasing traffic between Eastern Europe and Scandinavia after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. In 1997, this service was incorporated into the TT-Line brand.

The company's current network has been built upon 3 pairs of sister vessels. The largest ferries, including the carrier's flagship Nils Holgersson VI, were built in 2001 and are both equipped with POD drive propulsion systems (azimuth thrusters). Each vessel provides 2,600 lane meters of deck capacity and can accommodate up to 744 passengers within its 200 cabins. The smaller vessels, built between 1988 and 1995, boast capacities between 2,240 and 2,400 lane meters with spaces for 300 to 400 passengers onboard every ship. Besides cabin space, all ferries are equipped with a wide range of leisure and entertainment facilities, including cafeterias, restaurants, shops, casinos, fitness clubs and saunas. The largest class also features conference rooms, onboard cinemas and panorama bars. Today, there are 26 weekly departures on the routing between Travemünde and Trelleborg complemented by an additional 20 on the Rostock-Trelleborg connection (from each port). This results in up to 14 trips between the 3 ports available daily. The operator's only pure ro-ro line connects Travemünde with Helsingborg, currently with a single departure every week. Annually, TT-Line's vessels carry around 600,000 passengers and 320,000 freight units, giving the carrier the position of a market leader in Germany and a place among the most effective European ferry operators.