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Visy Hatanpään valtatie 34 D 33100 , Tampere Finland

+358 3211 0403

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Visy is a software and solutions provider specializing in access and area control for ports, terminals, intermodal facilities, customs authorities and logistics centers.

Visy supports its global customer and partner base from its headquarters in Tampere, Finland. Visy’s main products include Visy Access Gate Operating System (“GOS”), Visy Train Gate, Visy Alarm Gate, and Visy Intelligent Recognition and Imaging Software (“IRIS”) which includes optical character recognition (“OCR”). Visy’s mission is to help its customers save time and money on every single transaction through process automation.

By working closely with our customers through the planning and design phase of each project, we propose, implement and maintain the right solution for the site. Each facility has operational nuances and unique qualities. Not all terminals have the same goals. With our vast experience of helping a wide variety of customers, we propose solutions that fit the site’s specific needs.

Visy prides itself on having the most versatile and flexible systems on the market. Our diverse customer base shows that it is an accurate description of our solutions. Contact us today and ask how we can help your operation. We want your company to reach its goals.

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