Company info:

WALLENIUS SOL is a modern shipping company with its sights set on a sustainable future. By combining innovation, high ambitions and consideration for the environment with great experience in the industry, we want to be an enabler for the Swedish and Finnish basic industry in the Gulf of Bothnia.

WALLENIUS SOL was established in 2019 when Wallenius Lines and the Swedish Orient Line formed a joint shipping company. Based on almost 200 years of experience in shipping operations the aim for the new company was to build a sustainable infrastructure at sea for the growing industry around the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea. With regular scheduled liner traffic between northern Scandinavia, the Continent and the United Kingdom, WALLENIUS SOL can offer feeder service and RoRo traffic with a flexible tonnage, regardless of cargo.

Flexible shipping

WALLENIUS SOL offers a liner service with an ever-growing network of ports. With frequent and regular departures, we solve freight transport in a safe and efficient way between important ports in northern Finland and Sweden, Germany, the Benelux region and the United Kingdom.

The fleet handles trailers, containers and project cargo and WALLENIUS SOL also specialize in high and heavy cargo that need to be lifted on board. The vessels are loaded southbound with products from for instance the paper industry and the steel industry. Northbound transports include intermediate goods for the industry and other types of cargo. The cargo is loaded on cassettes, as well as SECU and containers.

Sustainable shipping

WALLENIUS SOL has taken delivery of two record-breaking new buildings - Botnia Enabler and Baltic Enabler. The sister ships has been named RoRo vessel of the year 2022 and is considered to be the world's largest ice-rated ConRo vessels with multi-fuel operation. According to Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL) estimates, the vessels will be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 63 percent per shipped ton compared to today's vessels. To further reduce the environmental impact, WALLENIUS SOL work actively to make full use of load capacity, to adjust the speed to reduce fuel consumption and to choose the shortest possible route.