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Wasaline Laivanvarustajankatu 6 65170, Vaasa Finland

+358 20 7716 812

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Björn Knutar

+358 20 7716 812

Company info:

Wasaline – a small shipping company with a big heart.

We transport passengers and goods across the Kvarken strait. We are reliable, friendly and quality conscious. We are flexible and take the best care of our customers, our personnel and the environment.

We develop the traffic across Kvarken and strive to restore it to its former glory, even when it seems like a fight against the odds. Our challenge is to prove our work is of importance; that it is something we and our region can be proud of. We feel that we are part of something bigger and are committed to elevating the entire region through our efforts.

We want our customers to feel truly welcome and appreciated, wishing them a memorable and pleasant experience onboard.

Wasaline – a small shipping company with a big heart.

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