Amsterdam-Dublin Brexit by-pass

Samskip has launched a weekly container service that connects Dublin's DFT with Amsterdam's TMA Logistics.

The 99 m-long and 16 m-wide RMS VERITAS, offering 294 TEUs of capacity, departs from the Dutch seaport on Monday evenings for arrival in Ireland on Wednesdays, with a weekend return to Amsterdam.

"The weekly connection will mean Irish imports can avoid post-Brexit hassles applying to goods received via UK-based distributors, while exports will benefit from greater reach into EU markets in the northern Netherlands, Germany and beyond," Samskip said in a press release.

Richard Archer, Regional Director, Samskip Multimodal, added to this, "Shortsea container services can once more prove themselves more than a match for ro-ro, particularly for products previously shipped to distributors in the UK then redistributed across the Irish Sea."

Photo: Conor McCabe Photography/Port of Dublin