Bro-Malmö rail service doubles in frequency

TX Logistik, running the train service in question on behalf of the Swedish retail chain Coop, has doubled the timetable up to 20 weekly round trips.

The connection between Bro (located some 30 km north-west of Stockholm) and Malmö (on their southbound leg, the trains also make a stop in Alvesta) is used to supply foodstuff to Coop's supermarkets in the south of Sweden.

"Even for goods that were previously transported almost exclusively by road, a more extensive use of rail is now possible," TX Logistik wrote in a press release.

The company further explained, "The higher frequency enables Coop to transfer 520 trucks from road to rail every week. [...] By Coop transporting its goods by rail, the Swedish group says it saves up to 9,600 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year compared with road transport."

Photo: Coop