CFL cargo deploys multi-system locos

The Luxembourg rail freight haulier has homologated eight Alstom Traxx MS3 locomotives for operations across its Germany-Luxembourg-Poland corridor.

The company plans to homologate its locomotives for running also in Austria, Belgium, and France.

CFL cargo's Traxx MS3s are hybrid locomotives, making them possible to run across non-electrified railways. The company will use the machines to pull intermodal and conventional train sets.

Max Solvi, COO International, CFL cargo, commented:

One of our biggest competitive advantages is the quality of service we provide by combining our conventional services with our intermodal services, which in turn makes us a strong cross-border operator. With our new Traxx MS3 locomotives, routes such as PoznaƄ-Bettembourg will benefit greatly: where we had to switch out locomotives in the past, we will now deploy only one engine for the same distance, which will increase reliability. This is an additional argument to promote the modal shift from road to rail among road transport companies and logistic service providers.

Photo: CFL multimodal