CLIP's terminal in Swarzędz to grow with three RMGs

The 96 m of span rail mounted gantry cranes (RMGs), manufactured by Künz, will be able to lift up to 40t and stack containers five-high.

The new machinery will also be equipped with fold-out grabs for handling intermodal trailers.

Thank to the new RMGs, it will be possible to take care of up to eight trains at the same time.

The latest purchase is part of CLIP's PLN200m (approx. €52m) investment aimed at tripling the yearly handling capacity of the Swarzędz facility up to 533k TEUs.

Apart from the new gantries, the terminal's yard will be enlarged from the current 4,500 to 10,000 TEUs; there will be 12 rail tracks in total, each 750 m-long, enabling to handle up to 20 trains per day; and the adjacent warehouse complex will grow to 450k m2, following the addition of the newest 30k m2-big storage.

Photo: CLIP