Finnlines' second Superstar ready to serve traffic

The cruise ferry Finncanopus has arrived in the Port of Naantali, from which she, alongside her sister ship Finnsirius, will sail to & from Kapellskär via the Åland Islands as of 16 February 2024.

Both newbuilds offer room for 1,100 passengers and 5,200 lane metres for cargo.

The 235.6 by 33.3 m Ice Class 1A Super ferries feature several emission-reduction technologies, such as air lubrication, batteries, scrubbers, and waste heat recovery. They also have ballast water treatment plants.

Finnsirius and Finncanopus also take advantage of auto-mooring and draw power from the shore while berthed in Naantali and Kapellskär.

You can read more about Finnsirius’ launch in BTJ Trip 2023 \ Naantali. Compact but capacious & versatile.

Photo: Janne-Petteri Kumpulainen/Port of Naantali