Finnsirius enters traffic

Finnlines' newest ferry of the Superstar class has started sailing between Naantali and Kapellskär via the Åland Islands' Långnäs.

The ro-pax, offering room for 1,100 passengers and 5,200 lane metres for cargo, replaced Europalink (554/4,215).

Finnsirius' sister ship, Finncanopus, will substitute Europalink's sibling, Finnswan, next year.

The 235.6 by 33.3 m 1A Super ice class new-builds feature several emission-reduction technologies, such as air lubrication, batteries, scrubbers, and waste heat recovery. They also have ballast water treatment plants.

Finnsirius and Finncanopus will also take advantage of auto-mooring and draw power from the shore while berthed (thanks to the multi-million investments made by the ports in Naantali and Kapellskär).

"Finnlines has been one of the most important companies, a trustworthy pillar within Finnish imports and exports, which was celebrated today at the naming ceremony. While executing our Green Investment Programme [€500m: three ro-ros and two ro-paxes], we have taken a giant leap forward and can now offer more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to freight customers and private passengers. We are proud to continue being the main carrier of Finland's imports and exports and emergency supplies for many years to come," commented Tom Pippingsköld, President and CEO of Finnlines.

Antonio Raimo, Line Manager at Finnlines, added, "Finnsirius is Finnlines' new eco-efficient flagship, designed specifically for the fast-paced freight transport route between Finland and Sweden. At the same time, Finnsirius offers upgraded services and more travel comfort than the previous generation of ro-pax vessels. Freight is Finnlines' core business, but it is a genuine pleasure to introduce our new service concept to our passengers."

The naming ceremony of Finnsirius took place in the Port of Naantali, with Tiina Ahola, representing the Ahola Group, serving as the vessel's godmother.

Photo: Przemysław Myszka