ForSea becomes Öresundslinjen

Following the takeover by Molslinjen, the ferry line operating the Helsingborg-Helsingør service has been further integrated within the group.

The ferry Tycho Brahe, which will return on the route on 4 October 2023 after a planned docking, will be the first to fly the new livery: logo, colours, and interior.

"ForSea has been a strong trademark with a focus on sustainability, so it has been enticing to retain it, but after some consideration, we realised that we should incorporate it into Molslinjen's line structure hence ForSea becomes Öresundslinjen," Kristian Durhuus, Molslinjen's CEO, commented.

He added, "We start the transformation calmly and moderately, so it'll take some time before we can say that the whole profile change of the crossing is completed. We are doing so at this pace so that our nearly seven million yearly guests can go along it."

Öresundslinjen will join the group's Alslinjen, Bornholmslinjen, Fanølinjen, Langelandslinjen, Molslinjen, and Samsølinjen.

ForSea got its name in 2018 after a change from HH Ferries.

The company operates a fleet of five vessels: the ferries Tycho Brahe (room for 1,100 passengers and 539 lane metres for cargo), Hamlet (1,000/553), Aurora af Helsingborg (1,200/528) and Mercandia VIII (383/560), as well as Mercandia IV (290 lm) used for freight transportation between Helsingborg and Helsingør.

Photo: News Øresund/Wikimedia Commons