ForSea's Tycho Brahe to be fitted with the world's largest battery pack

With the help of their technical partner ABB, the Helsingborg-based ferry line will increase the ship's battery capacity from 4,160 to 6,400 kWh.

The upgrade has started in May and will be completed later in 2021.

Together with her sister ship Aurora, Tycho Brahe has been e-sailing between the Danish Helsingør and the Swedish Helsingborg since autumn 2018. According to the company, this has lead to a CO2 reduction of 37kt.

A fully-automated laser operated robotic arm connects every time the ferries arrive in port, providing enough power to enable the 20-minute-crossing. ForSea underlines that it only uses certified green electricity.

"Since the start, ForSea has proven that battery-powered operations are possible on a ferry route like ForSea's. Today, one of our vessels - Aurora - already sails up to 46 departures per day on 99% electric power. Following the upgrade onboard Tycho Brahe, at full operation both vessels will achieve a total reduction of carbon dioxide in ForSea's fleet by 65%, a total of 23,000 tonnes," Kristian Durhuus, ForSea's CEO, said.

He furthered, "That would be an incredible result to achieve, and a powerful driver to continue our realistic dream of becoming one of the world's most climate friendly transportation company."

Sami Lehikoinen, Vice President, Service, ABB Marine & Ports, added, "As the battery technology matures, increasing both the power capacity and lifetime, together with ForSea, we will be able to ensure that Tycho Brahe will continue operating sustainably for the years to come."

Photo: ForSea