From Busan to St. Petersburg via the Trans-Sib

FESCO and Hyundai Glovis have set up a regular sea-rail container service on which spare car parts and other components are transported from South Korea to Hyundai's factory in St. Petersburg.

The route starts at the Port of Busan from which FESCO's ships carry the load to the Commercial Port of Vladivostok, where, in turn, it is transhipped onto a train that goes to the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus plant in St. Petersburg over the Trans-Siberian Railway.

According to the companies, the transit time in one direction can be as short as 15 days.

FESCO and Hyundai Glovis expect to carry around 500 TEU per month across the new service.

Earlier in June, FESCO launched the 'From Busan to Moscow in 15 Days' project. With this initiative, the company targets routing cargo flows from the Asia-Pacific region that are destined for the western Russian market via the Port of Busan and then putting the shipments onto a train service that starts in the Russian Far East.

Photo: FESCO