From Luxembourg to China by rail

UTLC ERA - a JV between the Belarusian, Kazakhstan, and Russian railways - has kicked off a new and regular container service between Luxembourg and Chengdu.

The first set departed from Europe on 5 April and comprised 41 FEUs loaded with wine, textiles, and other general cargo.

"Sending a train operated by UTLC ERA from Luxembourg to China is very important for us as this is compelling evidence that countries which are relatively small players in the shipping industry are joining traditional 'heavyweights' in using our rail transit services. They have the highest demands in terms of quality of service and transportation costs," Alexey Grom, President, UTLC ERA, commented.

He also said, "We need to prove in practice the efficiency of this means of transport to cargo owners in the Duchy of Luxembourg and we will do our best. We expect that it will be a route in high demand with good growth dynamics by the second half of the year."