From Xi'an to Helsinki via Kaliningrad

By combining rail and sea transport, DB Cargo Eurasia is testing an alternative route from China to Finland to the current setup that sees trains passing the Buslovskaya-Vainikkala border between Russia and Finland.

The company - working with its partners DB Schenker, DB Cargo Russia, XIAN ITL, UTLC ERA, and Mann Lines - has organised a train set that arrived in the Port of Kaliningrad on 8 March.

A total of 42 FEUs was then transshipped onto Mann Lines' Dornbusch which on 10 March sailed out for Helsinki's Vuosarri where the vessel berthed three days later.

The total Xi'an-Helsinki transit time amounted to 16 days.

The service isn't a regular one, but can be arranged on an on-demand basis.

The shipment comprised clothing, furniture, fittings, personal protective equipment and medical disposable devices, car tyres, production equipment, and household appliances.

Photo: Helmut Ivers/Maritime Connector