Helsingborg-Oslo-Hallsberg rail link upgrades

The intermodal rail service of the shipping line MacAndrews (traction provided by Green Cargo) has been extended by an extra call at Hallsberg.

This weekly service runs now from Helsingborg (departing on Thursdays) to the capital of Norway (Fridays), returning on its way via Hallsberg (Sundays) to Helsingborg (Mondays), and then making an extra loop between Hallsberg (Tuesdays) and Hellsingborg (Wednesdays) before again heading towards Oslo.

"The train service from Helsingborg was successful from the very beginning, and now it feels more than good to be able to develop it further. The current Hallsberg-extension was in fact included in our initial plans, and we just had to wait for the market to demand it," Jan Stråe, MacAndrews Scandinavia's General Manager, said.

Nicklas Romell, the Port of Helsingborg's CCO, added, "For us this means an additional train from our kombi terminal, from where other junction points in Sweden can be reached, as well as increased volumes coming both on- and offshore."