King's Line - re-launched

FRS is going to establish a ferry service between the German island of Rügen and southern Sweden, connecting the ports of Mukran (Sassnitz) and Ystad as of mid-September.

To that end the company has purchased HSC Fjord Cat (676 passengers and 210 cars of carrying capacity) from Fjord Line.

FRS will overall invest €15m in setting up the new service, named FRS Königslinjen, said to be a successor to the 1897-launched King's Line that linked Mukran and Trelleborg till early this year until Stena Line decided to terminate it as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

"[…] We believe in the touristic value of this line and will enhance the service for the passengers by introducing the fastest connection between the European mainland and Sweden," Götz Becker, CEO, FRS, commented.

He explained, "Thanks to the fast ferry, we are able to offer two daily departures per port. […] We have developed an environmentally optimized operating profile for this line. We will run the ferry in the most fuel-efficient mode and still offer passengers the fastest ferry connection between Germany and Sweden with a journey time of only 2.5 hours. […] The attractive tourist destination Ystad as well as the reduced travel time open up completely new possibilities such as day trips or weekend trips."

Photo: FRS