LaseTLP installed at Sun Kwang Container Terminal

Lase Truck Lifting Prevention systems are officially working at eight automated rail-mounted gantry cranes in Sun Kwang Container Terminal in Incheon, South Korea.

Two 2D-laser scanners out of the LASE 2000D-11x series are mounted on the side of the gantry with a vertical scan plane, whereby the general difficulty of measuring above/through a fence with a height of 1.0m could be solved - by using 2x2D-Laser scanner. The mounting position of both laser scanners is in the middle of the crane in a height of approx. 1.5m facing the truck lane. In the case that a truck is in front and the hoist lifts up the container, the measurement system detects whether the trailer is still connected to the container by any locked or jammed twistlock - and stops the operation.

The biggest advantage of LaseTLP is the fast detection of the trailer lift. Other methods mostly use horizontal scan planes and look whether the wheels are up in the air or not. But just one connected twistlock makes it possible to lift up the truck cabin to a height of already 4m until the wheels will be lifted up, therefore the systems have a poor performance. Severe injuries as well as huge damage claim costs will be prevented by the LaseTLP.

Photo: Lase