New Italy-Sweden rail link

The Swedish arm of ColliCare has, earlier than planned, set in motion its trailer train connecting Cremona in northern Italy with Skaraborg in central Sweden.

Initially, the service was to kick off this spring. Now, the first set departed on 4 February 2023.

Hector Rail and BLS provide traction for the once-a-week, two-day transit time round-trip.

Southbound transports will mainly include paper & pulp, while in the opposite direction - eatables.

"We choose to invest in this now to be able to offer transport between Italy and Sweden with the best price and the shortest possible lead time. This is also the most environmentally friendly and efficient way to transport cargo," Per Zachrisson, Chief Development Officer Rail at the ColliCare Group, commented back in December 2022.

According to the company, going by rail will emit 89% CO2e less than hauling the goods by road.

Since 2017 ColliCare has been running another north-south weekly rail service: between the Italian Parma and the Norwegian Rolvsøy.

Photo: ColliCare Sweden