New north-south Sweden container rail shuttle

First Row Shipping and Logistics has put in place a 1,400 km-long round trip service that sees CFL Cargo Sweden-operated trains carrying up to 72 twenty-foot containers once per week between PiteƄ and Gothenburg.

These additional volumes at the Port of Gothenburg, forest products primarily destined for the Asian markets, had previously been sea-shipped from PiteƄ, using smaller feeder vessels, with transshipment taking place at ports in central Europe. According to the port's press release, the rail service will be faster by five-to-seven days.

In addition, the port says, basing on data from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, that the new arrangement will have a lower carbon footprint by as much as 87%.

"There are considerable environmental benefits to be gained with this shuttle. It also offers access to the port's extensive service network with frequent departures. Good availability of empty containers at the Port of Gothenburg enhances reliability even further. Other shuttle movements to and from the Port of Gothenburg are seen to be working very well, which is reassuring," Nikolas Rowland, Managing Director, First Row Shipping and Logistics, highlighted.

Photo: Port of Gothenburg