PKP CARGO CONNECT trails a new rail & road service from China to Czechia via Poland

The Polish company is testing a new connection that sources shipments from the Chinese Chengdu, Xi'an, Chongqing, and Zhengzhou to its terminal in Małaszewicze on Poland's border with Belarus.

Next, a 600 m-long, 42 container-big train is dispatched further to the company's facility in Gliwice in south Poland, where trucks get loaded for the final door-to-door delivery to a client in Czechia.

The transit time from China to Czechia amounts to 17-20 days.

All possible goods head westwards, while wood goes in the opposite direction.

"This service is an excellent solution for senders and recipients of shipments, because individual stages of transport, despite changing the means of transport, are carried out in the same cargo unit - in this case a 40HC container. In addition, the use of road transport on the route Gliwice-Czech Republic will allow optimization of transport in terms of time and just-in-time delivery of the appropriate number of containers in accordance with customer expectations," Ivan Ružbacký, PKP CARGO CONNECT's CEO, commented.

He also underlined, "Launch of a new connection on this route will have a significant impact on the import of goods from China to the Czech market."