P&O Ferries-Surikat TOS co-op

The shipping line has contracted the Gothenburg-based IT company to streamline multimodal operations across three North Sea terminals.

Specifically, P&O Ferries wants to handle in a better way accompanied and unaccompanied freight traffic, both ro-ro and lo-lo, that combines road, rail, and barge modes of transport.

To that end, Surikat has used its Lynx Terminal Operating System, integrating it with P&O Ferries' booking system and several port community systems (Destin8, PortBase, RX/seaport). Additionally, the solution takes into account the rules surrounding Brexit.

"It was an unusual challenge for the project teams, with go-lives being handled remotely, but the project pushed ahead and is currently live in Rotterdam with other ports and terminals to follow," the Swedish company underlined in a press release.

Surikat's CEO, Andreas Karlsson, added, "[...] working with P&O is not only a prestigious contract signing for us, it is also a great opportunity to further solidify the capabilities of our Lynx TOS. We've recently been improving the modules to make bookings, create terminal visits to reduce pick up of drop times, dynamic yard management, as well as handle all aspects of rail and container traffic."

Photo: P&O Ferries