Samskip updates its Baltic Sea service

The company has added the Port of KlaipÄ—da to the roster, exchanged Hull for Immingham, and increased the capacity by deploying two 803-TEU carriers.

The service now connects the Baltic ports of Helsinki, Riga and KlaipÄ—da with Rotterdam and Immingham.

Johan van der Pijl, Regional Director - Baltic Sea at Samskip, commented:

Service, reliability and the continuous enhancement of our customers' experience have been and will remain our core values in this corridor. Fuelled by the shortsea expertise in our DNA, our dedication to these values has driven Samskip to deliver market-leading reliability and customer experience since the kick-off of our Baltic Sea service last November. We are excited to roll out these customer-focused values to the Lithuanian market. Adding our own truck fleet based in Immingham, we are able to offer customers a carefree and seamless door-to-door transport experience.

Photo: Samskip