Scandlines-Corvus maintenance deal

The shipping company has cut a 10-year deal with the supplier of energy storage systems for its fleet of hybrid ferries.

Under the contract, Corvus Energy will provide not only traditional service and maintenance of Scandlines' fleet lithium-ion energy storage, but also the so-called Watchman remote condition-based monitoring service.

"Scandlines is very pleased to continue and expand our long partnership with Corvus Energy. Beginning with Corvus in 2012, their industry leading energy storage technology has become the standard electric battery power solution for all of our hybrid vessels," Fini Hansen, Technical Superintendent of Fleet Management at Scandlines, said.

Most recently, Corvus' energy storage systems (231 pieces of AT6500 advanced lithium polymer batteries) were installed on-board Scandlines' newbuilds, Berlin and Copenhagen, making it possible to reduce fuel consumption to almost one-third per crossing per car compared with the ferries previously sailing on the Gedser-Rostock route, according to Scandlines and Corvus.