Seago Line to link Poland and Sweden

The feeder and short sea arm of Maersk Line will launch a new container connection between the ports of Gdańsk and Norrköping.

"We are developing a concept based on feeders that will connect Gdańsk and Norrköping once per week," said Stefan Larsen, Ocean Manager at Green Carrier Freight Services, a Gothenburg-based company which has initiated the setup of the new service.

"We'll load these vessels with containers collected from our depot in Poland. Once they arrive in Norrköping, we can deliver a container directly to importers or let the shipments go to a client using a truck loop," he added.

Magnus Grimhed, Business Development, the Port of Norrköping, also commented, "We are of course more than glad that Green Carrier has chosen our port for putting this prospective venture into practice. It confirms our reputation of being a modern and client-oriented port. Looking ahead at the possibilities the electrified Kardon Railway will give us [read more >>>], it all starts to look even more interesting."

Photo: Port of Norrköping