Stena Line buys into Africa Morocco Link

The Swedish shipping line has taken a 49% stake in the Tanger-based company that offers a ferry service between Tanger Med and Algeciras.

The crossing is operated by two ro-paxes: Morocco Sun (room for 1,001 passengers and 850 lane metres for cargo) and Morocco Star (935 pax/755 lm), both built in 1980.

Additionally, Africa Morocco Link will kick off the Tanger Ville-Tarifa high-speed route for passengers and private vehicles this summer.

"We are always looking to secure new business opportunities that will make us last and be resilient in the long run. The Strait of Gibraltar is a strategic location for passengers travelling between Africa and Europe as well as for global trade, and freight volumes in the area are expected to grow in the upcoming years due to the positive industrial growth and international trade in Morocco," Niclas MÃ¥rtensson, CEO at Stena Line, underlined. He added, "These routes, their ports, and the surrounding industries are under development and expected to drive a healthy freight market growth in the coming ten years. It is a very exciting area to be able to operate in."

Photo: Africa Morocco Link