Tallink Grupp's two cruise ferries to provide accommodation at COP26

Romantika, which had recently been operating in the Med. between Tanger Med and Sète, will join Silja Europa in billeting participants of Glasgow's 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties.

Romantika is chartered with a full technical and service crew from Tallink Grupp for her stay in Scotland from 15 October till 15 November.

Silja Europa will be on the spot from 21 October until 14 November.

"This charter request and agreement came at a very opportune time, as Romantika had just finished operating in the Mediterranean region between Morocco and France as part of its previous charter agreement and the vessel was en route back to Tallinn, due to arrive here this Wednesday, 13 October," Tallink Grupp's CEO Paavo Nõgene commented.

He furthered, "The charter is helpful again at a time when our passenger numbers and operations are under continuing pressure due to the COVID situation and will enable us to offer work for our employees as Romantika would otherwise remained suspended in Tallinn after its return home with no immediate work in sight for the vessel at present."

Nõgene also underlined, "[...] it is a great boost for the company and the employees, although of course it is also a huge challenge for us all in terms of the extremely short time we have for preparations and I know such last-minute agreements put our staff under extreme pressure for delivery. I am sincerely grateful to everyone for the valiant effort made and the level and quality of the service me manage to provide regardless of the immense pressure."

Romantika will arrive back in Estonia's capital on 18 November. She had operated across the Riga-Stockholm service until the COVID-19 travel restriction came into force in March 2020.

Photo: Tallink Grupp/Marko Stampehl