Tallink's summer cruises to Visby

The Estonian ferry line will offer three cruise sailings to the Swedish island of Gotland onboard Silja Europa.

The cruises will start in Helsinki and go via Tallinn. The departures will take place on the Sundays of 11 and 25 July, and 8 August.

Passengers must ensure they are healthy and without any symptoms when travelling.

"Last summer we were unfortunately unable to offer the Visby cruises due to travel restrictions, but now we finally have this opportunity. The early morning arrival and late in the day departure from Visby means that our passengers will have around 11 hours to spend on Visby and discover the island, the exciting history of Visby and the beautiful nature of Gotland," Marina Jõgi, Tallink Grupp's Head of Products and Sales, said.

Photo: Tallink Grupp/Tommi Sola