The Grimaldi Group reinforces its Maltese network

The fleet of the company's Malta Motorways of the Sea has been reinforced with the purchase of two ro-ros: Eurocargo Catania and Eurocargo Sicilia, each offering 3,300 lane metres of cargo capacity.

Meanwhile, the Grimaldi Group is reflagging the con-ros of its Atlantic Container Line (ACL) from the Union Jack to the Maltese flag. A total of nine ACL vessels has already been re-flagged, while another one is due to be added in the next few months.

Finally, the Grimaldi Group is going to deploy two of its 7,800 lane metres GG5G-class ro-ros across the Genoa-Livorno-Catania-Malta service. The first will set sail in the second half of April, while her sister ship will join at the beginning of June.

Photo: Grimaldi Group