The King's Line returns to Trelleborg

As of 2023, FRS Baltic's high-speed catamaran Skane Jet will change its Swedish port of call, starting to connect Sassnitz with Trelleborg.

FRS Baltic will offer daily trips from April-October 2023, plus night departures during the summer months.

In Trelleborg, Skane Jet (offering room for 800 passengers and space for 200 vehicles) will use Berth No. 7, where train ferries used to call, but which was converted to take care of rubber-tyred rolling cargo.

The King's Line was running between Sassnitz and Trelleborg from 1897 till 2020 when Stena Line decided to scratch the link because of the coronavirus pandemic.

FRS Baltic reactivated the service in mid-September 2020 with Ystad as the King's Line's port of call.

The route got its name in 1909 when Gustaf V of Sweden and Wilhelm II of Germany officially marked the end of modernising the Trelleborg and Sassnitz ports to handle rail instead of mail ferries (kicking off with the German Preu├čen and Deutschland and the Swedish Drottning Victoria and Konung Gustav V).

Photo: Mukran Port