The Port of Södertälje and APM Terminals Gothenburg team up

The two will create a joint communications platform that will allow their customers to keep track of where their shipments are at any given time.

Next, they'll work on identifying methods for making it easier for importers and exporters to negotiate customs.

In addition, the Swedish rail freight haulier Green Cargo has been invited to join the initiative. "Trains from the Port of Södertälje to and from Gothenburg will also be something that all companies can benefit from, whether they are transporting small or large volumes," Robert Tingvall, Managing Director, the Port of Södertälje, said in this regards.

He also explained, "Goods loaded here today can be on a vessel departing from Gothenburg tomorrow morning. We will be collaborating to use our environmentally friendly means of transport, both maritime and rail, more effectively for the benefit of our customers."

Tingvall summed up by saying, "We have many meetings booked with new customers, and we will be increasing the volumes of both rail and maritime traffic through the port. It will be exciting to see by how much."

Photo: Port of Södertälje