Unity Line bade farewell to Kopernik

On 27 February, the ferry embarked on her last journey between Ystad and Świnoujście.

The 1977-built ro-pax, able to take on-board up to 400 passengers and offering 1,275 lane metres of cargo capacity, joined Unity Line's fleet in 2008, setting sail for her first Świnoujście-Ystad round trip on 2 April.

In mid-2018, Unity Line added the 1995-constructed Copernicus (160 pax/1,830 lm) to its fleet with the aim to replace Kopernik with her, but the two sailed alongside for a couple of months.

According to Optima Shipbrokers, Kopernik was sold for demolition for about $2.03m.

Source: PortalMorski.pl

Photo: Wikimedia Commons