Terms and Conditions – European Transport Maps portal

1. European Transport Maps portal is owned by Baltic Press sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company), Pulaskiego 8, 81-368, Gdynia, Poland. The company (hereinafter referred to as "Publisher") is registered in the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000221363.

2. The europeantransportmaps.com website offers regular advert banners and company description (with ‘products & service’ option) at updated networks showing ro-ro & ferry, container and intermodal (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”). The Publisher is the Seller of the Service.

3. Purchases can be made directly on the europeantransportmaps.com site.

4. As per the conditions specified in the Terms and Conditions, the Service is available to any internet user with full legal capacity, regardless of their country of residence (hereinafter referred to as the "User").

5. To gain access to the Service, User must register at europeantransportmaps.com by providing the following information: first and last name, e-mail address, and password. In order to receive a VAT invoice, the User must also provide company name and address, as well as the VAT identification number (VATIN).

6. Current pricing schedule is available at europeantransportmaps.com.

7. At the User’s request, the Publisher shall order a VAT invoice.

8. To place an order, the User shall complete and submit the electronic order form made available by the Publisher at europeantransportmaps.com.

9. Personal information provided in the order form, including e-mail address, will be used to fulfill the order and fulfill the Publisher’s legally justified objectives. Personal information is processed and protected in accordance with the law on personal data protection (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, 2002, No. 101, item 928, as amended). The User has the right to review and change their personal information.

10. The Publisher does not collect or store payment card information, and is not directly involved in payment processing.

11. Should circumstances arise in which an order cannot be fulfilled, be it at all or in a timely manner, the Publisher reserves the right to cancel the order. The Publisher shall immediately notify the User of order cancelation and reasons therefor.

12. Payment for the Service shall be made electronically (with a payment card or online wire transfer). Accepted cards and transfer services are listed on the websites of payment service Operators specified in point 14 of this document.

13. Payments can be made via:

1. PayPal, in accordance with the Terms of Service of PayPal Holdings, Inc., Payment terms available at www.paypal.com

14. Payment complaints shall be submitted directly to payment service Operators listed in point 14 of this document. Claims submitted to the Publisher shall be forwarded to the appropriate payment service Operator and resolved according to the terms of agreement between the Operator and the User.

15. Except as otherwise provided by law, in particular by the act on copyright and related rights, it is forbidden to copy, distribute, sell, rent, share, or otherwise make available the content provided within the Service, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means. Commercial use of the Service or any content provided therein requires the Publisher’s prior written consent.

16. The Service agreement expires at the end of the agreement term.

17. The Service agreement shall not be terminated before the end of agreement term, except in the event that one of the parties violates these Terms and Conditions.

18. The Publisher reserves the right to terminate the agreement of any violation of these Terms and Conditions—in particular, if the User provides false information during registration, makes a fraudulent payment, or violates the Publisher’s copyright or industrial property rights. In such a situation, the Publisher is not obligated to refund any payments made by the User. The User is liable for any damages incurred by the Publisher or any third party.

19. The Publisher shall make every effort to provide a defect-free service. Service complaints should be submitted in writing to the Publisher’s address listed in Point 1, or via e-mail to: office@baltictransportjournal.com. Complaints should be filed within 7 days of the occurrence of the Service use problem. Complaints shall be reviewed by the Publisher or an authorized party within 14 working days of receipt. If the complaint is determined to be valid, the Publisher, in consultation with the User, shall make the affected Service available again or otherwise compensate the User incurred losses, in particular by extending the subscription term by the period in which the Service was not available. In no event shall the Publisher’s liability exceed the amount received in payment for the defective Service.

20. The Publisher is not responsible for Service outages resulting from circumstances that cannot be avoided without incurring significant additional costs, caused by third party actions, or by an event of Force Majeure. In particular, the Publisher is not responsible for the non-delivery of order-related messages, including but not limited to messages containing vital access information (such as service access codes), to the email address indicated by the User, should delivery be prevented by a third-party e-mail server or any software installed on the User’s device. The Publisher shall be considered to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions in the event of failure to restore access to the Service within 14 days of the receipt of User complaint containing information necessary to establish the causes of Service unavailability.

21. The Service is provided „as is,” without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

22. Matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions will be settled in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Electronic Services, the Polish Civil Code, and other applicable Polish laws.

23.The Publisher reserves the right to modify these Rules and Conditions at any time. Information about changes to the Terms and Conditions will be posted at europeantransportmaps.com or delivered via e-mail to the address provided by the User. The absence of express objection to any changes to the Terms and Condition shall be considered consent on the part of the User to these changes. The revised Terms and Conditions shall be effective from the moment of publication at europeantransportmaps.com. The Publisher may specify an effective date other than the publication date for the revised Terms and Conditions, with the stipulation that the effective date may not be earlier than the publication date.