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Port of Rauma Hakunintie 23 FIN-26100 , Rauma Finland

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The Port of Rauma's comprehensive liner traffic to continental Europe, the UK and the USA guarantees swift and trouble-free transports of various machinery and project goods, general and bulk cargoes as well as containers and trailers. The port is known as the leading ro-ro container harbour on the west coast of Finland.

The most important export articles passing through Rauma include wood products such as paper, cardboard and pulp, along with grain, sawn goods and miscellaneous piece goods. Imports are dominated by round wood, china clay, piece goods and chemicals. In 2012, a total of 5.85 mln tonnes passed through Rauma including another record in box handlings – 239,000 TEU (7.2% year-on-year) as well as over 2,860 trailers (16.3% yoy). Year 2012 was also the first year when cargo tonnage shipped in containers surpassed the volume of traffic shipped in ro-ro and sto-ro traffic. Apart from some drawbacks in years 2008-2009, container shipments (2012) in Rauma have shown a trend of vigorous growth, both in exports (5.6%) and imports (6%), as well as in domestic traffic (71 to 8,068 TEU).

Euroports Rauma (previously named Rauma Stevedoring) is a full-service operator responsible for cargo handling and storage in the port (including all operations in the container harbour). The total yearly capacity of Europort's box terminal in Rauma is 300,000 TEU. The company offers also approx. 120,000 sqm of outdoor fields and 5,000 sqm of modern field space for classified (IMDG) large units. Out of the total heated warehouse space of approx. 30,000 sqm, some 1,300 sqm is reserved for classified products. Euroports Rauma has the following certificates: ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 14001 : 2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. Euroports Rauma also provides complete door-to-door forwarding services.

Rauma is continuously developing its infrastructure and services with the intention to meet the customers' needs. The 'Petko' project, aimed at enlarging the port, took steps forward in 2012. The harbour road system provides quick access to the Finnish highway network, while the rail line between Rauma and Kokemäki is a part of the Finnish trunk railway and carries about three million tonnes of freight each year. Goods which are handed out 24/7 can reach most of Finland's territory (incl. Kokkola, Jyväskylä and Lahti) in less than one working day and destinations like Vaasa, Tampere, Pirkanmaa region or wholesale warehouses along Ring Road No. 3 of Helsinki in not much more than three hours.