Color Line takes delivery of its eco-newbuild

The Norwegian line has received from the Ulstein shipyard Color Hybrid, a plug-in hybrid cruise ferry, due to enter traffic between the ports of Sanderfjord and Strömstad on 9 August.

The ro-pax is 160 m-long and offers room for up to 2,000 passengers as well as 700 lane metres of cargo capacity.

Color Hybrid is equipped with a 65t-heavy, 5.0 MWh-strong battery pack, which will make it possible to operate in and out the Norwegian fjord on batteries only. The ferry will be charged (in one hour) in the Port of Sanderfjord from a shore power plant.

In addition, the ship has a heating reservoir that will utilise waste heat from both the engine cooling water cycle and exhaust gases for heating purposes on-board (incl. a deck greenhouse where herbs and vegetables will be grown to be used in food preparation).

Photo & video: Color Line