Equipped by ABB, Viking XPRS draws energy from the shore in Tallinn

ABB Marine & Ports has provided the ferry with the necessary equipment to connect to an onshore power supply facility in the Port of Tallinn (also installed by ABB - five in total across Old City Harbour's piers).

The package for Viking Line's ferry includes a shore connection control board with three separate ship-shore communication links to ensure fail-safe connections at all times. ABB has also provided the medium-voltage switchgear, an 11kV-400V transformer, a circuit breaker bypass arrangement for dry-dock connection, and a low-voltage main switchboard breaker.

Commissioning was executed during Viking XPRS' routine operations (the vessel sails between Estonia's capital and Helsinki, calling to the former twice a day).

"Shore connection technology from ABB is designed for easy integration on all ship types and is controlled from the vessel itself, so that sequencing does not need intervention by any shore-based staff," the solution provider underlined in a press release.

ABB also says that the delivery meets the new IEC-standard for shore connections, "which demand higher levels of safety and environmental performance than ever before at the shipside."

"ABB's shore connection is the latest initiative in our ongoing sustainability program. Installing a shore connection system on board Viking XPRS, and having the shore power available in the Port of Tallinn will make a significant contribution to clean air within the port and its surroundings. We have successfully collaborated with ABB on a number of projects, and the fact that ABB provides installations aboard ship and in port, with prompt delivery and backed up by 24-hour support, has proved compelling," Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Viking Line, commented.

Jyri Jusslin, SVP and Head of Service, ABB Marine & Ports, added, "It is an honor to support Viking Line in its journey toward sustainable shipping. Our shore connection is designed for all types of ships, with safety and simplicity in mind. This is also another key step in ensuring that Baltic Sea ports continue on their forward-looking path to eliminate emissions."

Photo: ABB