Finnlines to jumboize two more ro-ros

The vessels Finnbreeze and Finnsea will receive a lengthening midsection in September-December.

Once jumboized, each of the two ro-ros will be 217.7 m long, offering 4,200 lane metres of cargo capacity, approx. 30% more than previously.

The company has already lengthened two of its Breeze-class ships, Finntide and Finnwave, whereas Finnsky and Finnsun will leave the Polish Remontowa, the Gdańsk-based shipyard carrying out the lengthening works, by end-May.

The jumboisation project is being executed under Finnlines' €70m Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction Investment Programme for which the company received the Baltic Trendsetters Club Certificate, awarded by the Baltic Transport Journal during the Transport Week conference that took place in Gdańsk in early March.

"These two lengthened vessels in addition to the previous four, will help us meet increased demand and enable us to serve our customers more efficiently. One of our strategic decisions is to focus on improving our operational performance. This decision to lengthen another two vessels will help us to increase competitiveness and improve efficiency of capital employed on our fleet. This investment is also in line with sustainable development: by increasing our energy efficiency further we will contribute to reducing emissions per transported tonne," Tom Pippingsköld, CFO, Finnlines, said.

Photo: Finnlines