Hupac eyes a Europe-China service for liquids

The company has partnered with VTG, which provides tank containers, to carry non-dangerous liquid goods from Europe (Ludwigshafen and Warsaw at this moment) to Lanzhou.

In addition, Hupac has teamed up with the Chinese e-commerce platform, where customers can book service space for their orders.

"The intention is to make this a regular service. Every product sent needs a 'non-dangerous goods' certificate and a shipping permit before it can be shipped to China. This is a long, bureaucratic process. Acquiring the shipping permit can take between four to six weeks. But this is something we are currently working on with China," Alberto Grisone, Hupac's Director of Development Russia & CIS Countries, explained.

The test runs went through Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan on their way to China.


Photo: Factoryhood