Stena Line and NNVT prolong their cooperation

According to the new 20-year-long agreement, the Swedish ferry company will continue to sail to and from Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals' (NNVT) facility in the Port of Ventspils.

The deal also includes making joint infrastructure investments that will make it possible to serve larger vessels and accommodate the expected increase in volumes.

Stena Line has recently exchanged Nynäshamn for the brand-new nearby Norvik in its Ventspils service. Soon the 24 departures/week route will welcome new vessels, the enlarged Stena Scandica and Stena Baltica (ex-Stena Lagan and Stena Mersey) that will offer room for up to 970 passengers and 2,875 lane metres of cargo space (plus a separate car deck).

Photo: Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals